Say Hello to Alec

Smart incident routing with a smarter Alec.

Alec is automatic routing of incidents for ServiceNow ITSM, powered by IBM Watson. With Alec, you need less time and human effort to categorize and assign uncategorized incidents, resulting in quicker incident resolution for your customer. Continuously improve Alec's accuracy, by providing it with training data specific to your organization.

Advantages and Capabilities

  • Automatically Categorizes Tickets
  • Standardizes the Body of Knowledge used to Categorize
  • Identifies the Language used to Create a Ticket
  • Translates Ticket Comments
  • Senses Urgency
  • Designed to Add other AI Platforms Over Time

Put Alec to Work for Your Organization

If you’re ready to see what efficiency truely looks like in the ITSM world, we can show you! We would be happy to give you a personalized demonstration and help you on your way!

We’d love to tell you about how our products can help your organization. Thanks for your interest!

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