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We’re transforming the way people work and businesses operate by combining industry leading cloud and AI platforms like ServiceNow to the power of IBM Watson.

People + AI + Cloud

We make it easier for people to do their jobs and help your business thrive. Our UX, AI, and Cloud practices work together to solve enterprise challenges that benefit your bottom line and address your users and customer’s biggest concerns.


A Smart Path For Your AI Journey

We see enterprise AI as a platform that uses smart interfaces (e.g., a chatbot). Behind the scenes, holistic, intelligent solutions talk to each other and other systems, extending to all lines of business, processes, and systems across your organization.

An action plan for your organization’s cognitive future involves:

Discovery + Analysis

Review of existing data and analytics, business processes, and technical systems.

Human Facing

AI that users directly interact with.

Data Facing

AI that works behind the scenes to automate processes and perform ongoing analytics.

Smart Solutions

Teammates for Your AI Journey

Our solutions use leading cloud and AI platforms such as ServiceNow and IBM Watson. They form the smart building blocks of your AI foundation.


Smart Data Visualization

See your data like never before. Annie visualizes patterns from your enterprise data to provide meaningful insights to help you make smart decisions.


Sentiment Analysis

Sammie can sense your customers’ level of satisfaction or frustration in real-time and provide predictive insight into escalating issues before they become problems.


Chat Bot Virtual Assistant

Bob (BuildOn Bot) is a chatbot virtual assistant that increases Tier 0 (self service) support for employees, and the ability to deflect cases for organizations.

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Smart Incident Routing

With Alec, you need less time and human effort to categorize and assign uncategorized tickets and cases, resulting in quicker incident resolutions for your customers.

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BuildOn Claims

Claims Management

BuildOn Claims offers AI-infused end-to-end claims management and customer portal for the insurance industry.

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Character Recognition

Oscar is cognitive-powered OCR to extract structured data from common support documentation to process cases, incidents, and claims.

The path to enterprise AI starts with an easy first step - solutions that provide immediate value and produce inputs and insights towards building a long-term foundation.

- Mike Peter, VP of Artificial Intelligence Solutions

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